Luke Bryan Reveals His Super Bowl National Anthem Prep, Including Keeping a Paper Bag in His Back Pocket for “Hyperventilation or Vomiting”

Hijinks ensued this morning (Feb. 2) as Luke Bryan spoke with NASH morning show Ty, Kelly & Chuck about singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl in Houston on Sunday, Feb. 5.

When the hosts asked how he was preparing for the big moment, Luke deadpanned, “Well, you keep a paper bag in your back pocket for hyperventilation or vomiting.”

On a more serious note, Luke revealed he will be singing the anthem without accompaniment and he plans to get to Houston a couple of days before the game to rehearse a lot.

“I’m gonna walk out there with me and a microphone,” said Luke. “[In regard to practicing] I’ve just been singing it a lot. There’s 10 ways to do it—there’s the tender way, there’s the confident way, there’s the patriotic way. I fly out [to Houston] a couple of days early so I get to rehearse it a lot. I’m going to get up there and get the microphone in hand and just run a couple of different options and see how I want it. And then there’s always an element to where you want to feed off the moment and the pageantry of where I’m at.”

As far as the prop bets involving Luke and the anthem that NCD covered earlier this week—including the length of time it will take him to complete the song and what he’ll be wearing when he performs—Luke managed to circumnavigate the topic.

“You guys aren’t taking me down,” said Luke. “I’m not serving jail time, I’m not getting kidnapped by mobsters, so no, I’m not telling anybody [how long the anthem takes or what I’m wearing].”

Tune in to the Super Bowl on Feb. 5 at 6:30 p.m ET on Fox.




photo by Carlos Ruiz/Schmidt Relations

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