Super Bowl Odds

Odds to score the first TD

Dion Lewis, Patriots: 8/1
Danny Amendola, Patriots: 9/1
LeGarrette Blount, Eagles: 9/1
Rob Gronkowski, Patriots: 9/1
Zach Ertz, Eagles: 10/1
Alshon Jeffery, Eagles: 10/1
James White, Patriots: 11/1
Jay Ajayi, Eagles: 15/1
Brandin Cooks: 15/1
Corey Clement, Eagles: 19/1
FIELD: 11/2

TE with the most receiving yards
Rob Gronkowski, Patriots: 4/5
Zach Ertz, Eagles: 5/4

Odds to miss an extra point
Jake Elliott, Eagles: 9/2
Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots: 5/1

Odds of making a lead-changing or game-tying kick in the final minute (if given the opportunity)
Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots: 1/7
Jake Elliott, Eagles: 1/5

Over/Under height of the tallest player to score a TD: 6’3.5″
Note: the over includes Gronkowski (6’6″), Ertz (6’5″), Brady (6’4″), and Foles (6’6″), among others.

Over/Under (listed) weight of the heaviest player to score a TD: 249.5 pounds
Note: the over includes Gronkowski (265), Ertz (250), Blount (250), and Brent Celek (255), among others.

Odds on what color hoodie/shirt Bill Belichick will wear
Blue: 1/2
Grey: 7/2
Red: 49/1
FIELD: 9/1

Odds of Bill Belichick wearing
Long sleeves: 1/5
Short sleeves: 5/1
Broadcast Props

Odds on the primary color of Ali Michaels’ tie
Red: 5/3
Blue: 5/2
Purple: 4/1
Green: 19/1
FIELD: 9/1
Odds on the primary color of Cris Collinsworth’s tie
Blue: 4/1
Gray: 4/1
Black: 5/1
Purple: 7/1
Red: 7/1
Orange: 24/1
FIELD: 6/1
Odds Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth or Michele Tafoya mispronounce the name of Eagles OL Halapoulivaati Vaitai: 4/1

Odds Al Michaels makes a gambling/point-spread reference: 1/5

Odds on which Patriots storyline/controversy the NBC broadcasters will mention first

the Jimmy Garoppolo trade: 1/2
Brady’s trainer, Alex Guerrero: 3/1
DeflateGate: 19/1
SpyGate: 49/1
NONE: 199/1

Odds that a member of the NBC broadcast crew is shown on air dancing to Justin Timberlake during the halftime show: 9/1

Entertainment Props
P!nk singing at a concert
P!nk gets the honor of performing the Super Bowl 52 national anthem.

Over/Under combined Dilly-Dilly’s in all Bud Light Super Bowl commercials: 15.5

Over/Under on the length of P!nk’s National Anthem: 1 minute, 59 seconds

Odds on the color of P!nk’s Hair
Pink: 2/1
Green: 5/2
Black: 6/1
White:  11/1
Red, White & Blue: 20/1
Field: 8/1

Odds P!nk wears an item with the Eagles logo: 3/2

Odds Justin Timberlake’s halftime show includes the song
Can’t Stop the Feeling: 1/9
My Love: 1/3
SexyBack: 1/3
Filthy: 1/1
Supplies: 3/2
Rock Your Body: 2/1
An unreleased song from his new album: 4/1

Odds Justin Timberlake’s halftime show includes …
One full Prince Song: 3/2
Two full Prince Songs: 50/1
A medley of Prince Songs: 9/2
No Prince Songs: 4/1

Odds on which Prince song Justin Timberlake sings first
Purple Rain: 3/1
Let’s Go Crazy: 4/1
When Doves Cry: 7/1
Kiss: 12/1
Little Red Corvette: 15/1
None: 4/1
FIELD: 10/1

Odds on halftime show guests
T.I.: 3/1
Timbaland: 5/1
Jay Z: 8/1
Madonna: 9/1
Jimmy Fallon: 10/1
Bob Dylan: 20/1
Jessica Biel: 25/1
Andy Samberg: 50/1
Janet Jackson: 200/1
Other: 5/1

Odds Justin Timberlake performs part of “Dick in a Box” on stage: 100/1

Odds on which celebrity Eagles fan is shown first by NBC during the game
Bradley Cooper: 4/1
Mike Trout: 6/1
Charles Barkley: 7/1
Kevin Hart: 8/1
Will Smith: 9/1
Kobe Bryant: 12/1
Julie Johnson-Ertz: 15/1
Jimmy Fallon: 25/1
Sylvester Stallone: 30/1
Dr. Oz: 50/1
FIELD: 10/1

Odds Donald Trump gives a pre-game interview to NBC: 12/1

Odds Donald Trump gives a pre-game interview to FOX: 4/1

Odds Donald Trump makes a game prediction: 1/4

Odds Donald Trump tweets about National Anthem protests between now and February 5: 1/3

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