Man Drives Off With Cop Hanging Out Window & Woman Throws Knife Because Someone Ate Leftovers

A man in Park City named Merle was stopped from driving on I-80 because it was closed due to the construction of a wildlife overpass. He refused to stop. When he finally did a police officer leaned in the window to talk to him. The officer smelled alcohol on his breath and the man hit the accelerator. The officer got caught in the window and was dangling as the man continued to drive. the officer eventually freed himself and jumped off the moving vehicle as the man drove away. He was eventually arrested. See the full story HERE

A Florida woman ordered Chinese food and had some left over. When she went to heat up the leftovers the next day, they were gone. She accused her boyfriend of eating them. He denied it. So, she threw a knife at him and missed. She told him that if she wanted to hit him, she would have. She was arrested. See the full story HERE

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