Man Bite Ear Because Of Conspiracy Theories & Man Accused Of Abuse When He Was Yelling At Spider

A man named Bryan in North Salt Lake was chilling in a hot tub with friends and family, having some drinks. The conversation got heated when big business and conspiracy theories came up. The home owner mentioned he worked for a big business and Bryan became upset. He started packing up his families things to leave. The homeowner locked him out, so he started throwing patio furniture against the house. When the homeowner opened the door to tell him to stop, Bryan tackled him, bit off his ear and fled. He later turned himself into police. The ear cannot be reattached. See the full story HERE

A man in Australia got the police called on him. His neighbors could hear him screaming “why won’t you die?” and his child crying. They thought he was yelling at his child and abusing him. When police arrived they found the man, with his son standing behind him, trying to smush a spider that had gotten into his house. He had been yelling at the spider. They were both scared of spiders. No one was arrested. No word on whether or not the killed the spider. See the full story HERE

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