A Man Licks Stranger’s Doorbell For 3 Hours & Woman Given Erectile Dysfuntion Meds For Dry Eyes

A man in California was caught on a doorbell camera. He went to s strager’s house and licked their doorbell for 3 hours. He looks directly at the camera then begins licking while looking at the camera. He also relieved himself and moved a hose. Police recognized him from the video as Roberto Daniel Arroyo. They are looking for him but haven’t found him yet. See the full story HERE

A woman in Scotland went to the doctor to deal with dry eyes. The doctor wrote her a prescription. She took it to the pharmacy to get it filled. The handwriting was bad and they ended up giving her erectile dysfuntion cream. She put it in her eyes. It didn’t go well. She ended up in the ER. See the full story HERE

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