Teens Take Uber To Rob Bank & Man Steals Car From Elderly Couple Every Night

3 teenagers in Oklahoma decided to rob a bank. They took an Uber to the bank and spoke openly in front of the driver about shooting someone in the bank. The Uber driver dropped them off and called 911. When the 2nd Uber driver arrived to unwittingly be their getaway driver, he arrived to police handcuffing the 3 teens. That’s when he realized he was to be their getaway car. See the full story HERE

An elderly couple in Houston lost thier spare car key. Every morning when they go in the car, they noticed things were slightly out of place. They started tracking the mileage and realized someone had been stealing the car every night after they went to sleep and returning it before they woke up. The thief was taking the car on crime sprees and was eventually caught with the car. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

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