Man Attacks Coworker With Machete For Being Lazy & Woman Forgets Baby At Airport

A man in Florida works for a cleaning company that cleans an outlet mall. He was upset that the day crew never finished their cleaning and left it for the night crew. So, he chased a coworker though the mall with a machete and hit him with it several times. The coworker hid in a security office and called police. Police found him cleaning the blood off the machete and arrested him. The vicitim had to get stitches. See the full story HERE

A woman in Dubai was at the airport waiting for her flight with hew baby. After she boarded and the flight left she realized she had left her baby in the airport. The plane had to turn around and go back to get the baby. Officials weren’t sure what to do as it’s never happened before. The plane passengers applauded the pilot for going back and for his “humanity.” See the full story HERE

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