Man Pulls Knife On Uber Driver & Man Falls On Beehives While Robbing Beekeeper

A man in Park City got an Uber home with friends. He asked to be taken to another stop after his friends got dropped off. The driver was willing until they started doing drugs in the car. He told the man he had to get out with his friends and find another way home. The man became irate. The driver locked all the doors. The man produced a knife and threatened to harm the driver. The driver called police and they found him passed out in a snow bank. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

A man tried to rob a beekeeper in England. The homeowner thinks the thief was looking for farm equipment to steal. He jumped a fence and landed right on the bee hives. The bees attacked! The homeowner didn’t call police. He figured the stings were punishment enough. See the full story HERE

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