Drunk Man Drives RV On Sidewalk & Mom So Drunk At Bachelorette That Party Is Kicked Off Plane

A man in West Valley City was celebrating his birthday with lots of drinks. He got into his RV drunk and tried to drive. He drove into oncoming traffic, drove onto a sidewalk, hit a pole, got back into the correct lane, stopped the RV, got out and ran away. Police found him the next day! He was arrested. See the full story HERE

A bride to be was celebrating with her girls for her bachelorette party. They were headed to Cabo from Phoenix. The bride’s mom got so drunk that she was denied boarding the plane. Then they determined that the entire group of 15 women were too drunk to fly. They were stranded in the airport. When police arrived most of them were passed out in the airport. No one was arrested but it cost them about $16,000 to deal with other flights. See the full story HERE

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