Woman Steals Truck While Urinating & Man Gets Naked While Mom Does Katate and Dog Steals Corn Bread

A woman in Pennsylvania had to pee. She saw 2 city trucks and asked the workers if she could hide between them and go. They said yes. After she went she saw one of the cars was running but the driver was elsewhere. So, she got in and took off! The workers called police and chased her. Police and the workers caught up to her at a red light. She was arrested. See the full story HERE

A mother, son and dog went to Walmart. The dog was running loose so Walmart employees asked them to leave. The mom walked into the foyer and started doing karate moves. The dog came running out with a box of corn bread in it’s mouth. The son was found naked in the store. He was replacing his clothes with some new Walmart clothes. Then he tried to run over an officer with a scooter. The mother and son were arrested. The dog was issued a warning. See the full story HERE

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