Woman Steals Ambulance, Crashes, Pretends To Be Patient & Couple Shoot At And Hide From Fire Flies They Think Are Aleins

A woman in New Mexico was released from the hosptial. She saw an unoccupied and running ambulance. She tried to take it but was thwarted by security. She left and circled back and stole a different one. She drove to the freeway and immediately crashed into a pole and another car and got stuck. When police arrived she was in the back on a gurney pretending to be a patient. She admitted she stole it  to look for heroin. She was hurt and had to go back to the hospital. See the full story HERE

A couple in Pennsylvania were high on bath salts. They saw some fire flies and thought they were aliens shooting lasers at them. So, they shot back with their gun. They got scared and broke into a home to hide. The homeowner took their gun and called police. They were trying to take a shower to get the alien goo off of them. They were arrested instead. See the full story HERE

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