Car Burglar Hands Out Pure Romance Cards & Naked Chicken Thief Jumps On Moving Car To Get Away

A man in West Jordan has been breaking into cars in the middle of the night. When a resident came home late from work he saw the burglar and confronted him. The burglar gave the resident a business card and told him he was helping a friend promote her business. Several security cameras have the man leaving a card at their place. It was his cover for when cameras were around. Turns out he stole them earlier in the night from a car in the neighborhood. They were Pure Romance business cards. He hasn’t been caught yet. See the full story HERE

A Florida man visiting New York stole a car, got into a wreck and ditched his car to run away. He jumped in moving vehicles to make a quick getaway. He was found later naked in a chicken coop. Turns out he had been going around stealing chickens from different homes…among other things. He was arrested and charged with all the things. See the full story HERE

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