Stupid is as Stupid Does


Teenage Sisters Steal Car Twice & Man Destroys Things Over Action Figures Being Touched

A woman in Pennsylvania left her car running when she went back inside her house briefly. She came back out to her car missing. Police later found the car, but not the keys. She had the car towed to her house. She called police again because someone stole it again, with the keys. Police found the car and tried to pull it over. It sped off and ended up in a wreck. It turns out 2 teenage sisters, 12 & 14, stole the car both times and kept the keys. They were arrested. See the full story HERE

A 34 year old man in Wisconson had quite the action figure collection. He thought his wife had touched them and he thought they were damaged. So, he took and ax and chopped up his stuff, including a TV, laptop and his car. Then he called the police on himself. They arrested him. See the full story HERE


Woman Live Streams Robbery On Victim’s Phone & Family Arrested For Fighting Police

A woman in California broke into a man’s house to rob him while he slept. She snagged his phone and logged into his social media. She live streamed the robbery then took off her clothes and invited people over for a party. When she stepped outside the victim woke up. He locked her out and called police. She was arrested. See the full story HERE

A man in Florida was riding an ATV on a public street in a neighborhood, which is illegal. Police pulled him over to give him a tickets. His sister and brother-in-law caught wind of the stop and came to his rescue. All 3 of them decided to fight police together. They were all arrested when the police were just going to give him a ticket. See the full story HERE


Woman Charging $2 To Touch Hand & Vandals Try To Destroy Snowman But Crash Car Instead

A woman in New Orleans went to see Justin Timberlake in concert. She had really good seats. So good that Justin touched her hand 5 times! Now, she’s charging $2 on social media yardsale sites to touch the hand that Justin touched. No word on whether she washed her hand OR made any money yet. See the full story HERE

A family in Kentucky built a 9 foot snowman in their front yard, complete with top hat and smiling face. Some neighborhood vandal tried to run over it in their car. They didn’t though! It’s because the base of the snowman is a huge tree stump covered in snow. The car ended up crashing into the stump and an imprint of their bumber now resides on the base of that snowman that is still standing. No word on who the vandal is. See the full story HERE


Man Fires Cannon At Neighbor & Man Growls Like Dog At Police During Arrest

A man in New York had an ongoing feud with his neighbor. While we don’t know what the feud was about, one neighbor tried to settle it by repeatedly firing a Civil War cannon at the other neighbors. It’s not illegal to have the cannon, but it is to shoot it. Police confiscated the cannon. See the full story HERE

A man in Florida was passed out drunk on a golf cart. When police approached he took off to his mom’s house. He tried to lock himself in. Police were able to enter but he resisted. They had to tase him. It didn’t take. As they were cuffing him he growled like a dog and smashed his face in broken glass. He was arrested. See the full story HERE


Woman Tries To Smuggle Gerbils In Pantyhose & Man Fakes Accident At Area He Complained About

A woman in Taiwan was stopped at customs before getting on a boat because she was walking funny and was suspicious. Turns out she had 24 live gerbils packaged in pantyhose and taoed to her thighs. She was trying to smuggle them. She was caught and the gerbils were set free. See the full story HERE

A man in Utah was upset about a dangerous intersection and filed complaints about it. This past Saturday he called 911 and said there was an accident at that intersection. Police arrived to find him lying in the street. He said he had been hit by 2 semis but was not injured. While being checked by medics he was texting 911 again. He was arrested but refused to walk even at the police station. See the full story HEREMORE


Vacationing Irish Family Deported From New Zealand & KFC Worker Assaults With Chicken

An Irish family was vacationing in New Zealand. They were so horrible they have been served with deportation papers. It started on their flight where other passengers reported it being the worst flight they’ve ever been on die to the family. They trashed a beach. Their 11 year old son threatened to kick someone’s brains in. They stole from people. They demanded free food from restaurants. They got pulled over for their kids not being in car seats. They got kicked out of a Burger King. See the full story HERE

A woman in Florida was working the drive thru at KFC. Her customer was angry that she wasn’t preparing his food with gloves. It turned into a verbal disagreement and ended with her using the sack of friend chicken to hit the man in the face. He was taping the whole time. She was arrested. You can read the story and see the video HERE


Woman Drives Jazzy While Drinking Wine From Pringles Can & Woman Breaks Into Police Station Steals Lunch

A woman in Texas was seen riding around on a Jazzy in the parking lot of a Walmart. She was drinking wine from a Pringles can. She rode around for hours before police were called. They found her at a nearby restaruant. She was not arrested but she was banned from Walmart. See the full story HERE

A woman in Florida used recycling bins to reach a window at a police station. She broke the glass and entered the station in the middle of the night. She took 2 premade lunches from the break room and ate one of them. She left but dropped her wallet and ID. The next day the police found it and arreested her. See the full story HERE


Man Gets Into Fight Over Sandwich & Petition To Merge N and S Dakota To MegaKota

A man in Florida ordered a Philly Cheese Steak. It arrived on a sesame see bun. They are supposed to be on a hoagie roll. He was so upset about it he started fighting with the owner and other customers. He was pretty drunk. Police were called and he was arrested. See the full story HERE

A man has started a petition to merge North and South Dakota into one state called MegaKota. He just likes the name. Over 3000 people have signed it. See the full story HERE


Man Proposes To Wrong Woman & Woman Calls Police On The Police

A man was going to propose to his side chick. He has been in a long term relationship and wanted to end it to spend the rest of his life with the other woman. He bought a ring. At a New Year’s Eve party with his girlfriend other people started getting engagged. He says he got caught up in the moment after several drinks and proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes. But, he really wanted to be with the side chick. Because his mother likes the girlfriend he says he is going to marry her. See the full story HERE

A woman in Memphis was a passenger in a car that got pulled over. She was angry about it and questioned the officer about why. He told her it was because of the broken window and the other windows were tinted too dark. She said she was going to call 911 on him. He told her he would arrest her if she did because it was not an emergency. She did it anyway. Then he arrested her. See the full story HERE


A Man Licks Stranger’s Doorbell For 3 Hours & Woman Given Erectile Dysfuntion Meds For Dry Eyes

A man in California was caught on a doorbell camera. He went to s strager’s house and licked their doorbell for 3 hours. He looks directly at the camera then begins licking while looking at the camera. He also relieved himself and moved a hose. Police recognized him from the video as Roberto Daniel Arroyo. They are looking for him but haven’t found him yet. See the full story HERE

A woman in Scotland went to the doctor to deal with dry eyes. The doctor wrote her a prescription. She took it to the pharmacy to get it filled. The handwriting was bad and they ended up giving her erectile dysfuntion cream. She put it in her eyes. It didn’t go well. She ended up in the ER. See the full story HERE


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