Stupid is as Stupid Does


Man Uses Digger To Steal Whiskey From Store & Woman Discharges Bear Spray In College Building

A man in Scotland drank all day and decided he wanted more. But, it was 3am and the store was closed. So he stole a digger that was nearby being used for road construction and destroyed the store front. He repeatedly tried to break the ATM to no avail. So, he took of with a few bottles of whiskey. He was caught when he returned to the scene of the crime and gave police a cocky smile. He’s currently in jail. See the full story HERE

A woman went to the University of Pittsburgh with bottles of bear spray. She discharged one of them in a building. The building was evacuated and it made 6 people sick. Police found her walking away from the building and found the spray. She told them sometimes it just goes off. She was arrested. See the full story HERE


Men Fight Over Duck At McDoanlds & Criminal Taunts Police Reveals His Location

2 men in Englad went into a McDonalds after drinking for one of the men’s 40th birthday. A duck waddled in. They helped the duck leave. Then they started arguning over the fact that they saved the duck. Then it got physical. Police were called and when they arrived both men were aggressive and had to be pepper sprayed and arrested. See the full story HERE

A wanted man in Canada saw a police post about him being wanted. The polce were looking in the wrong city. He decided to slip into their DMs and taunt them. He said, “News flash morons: I’m in Edmonton and not coming back.” So, they looked in Edmonton, found him and arrested him. See the full story HERE


Evil Mom Trips Child During Basketball Game & Man Tries To Drop Kick Arnold

A woman watching her child play in a basketball tournament in California was unsportmanlike. The 10 year olds and under were playing when she stuck her foot out and tried to trip a child on the other team. It was caught on video. The kids overheard her telling her team to elbow the other players in the face. She was kicked out and banned from the venue. See the full story HERE

Arnold schwarzenegger was in South Africa hosting an event. A crazed man ran out of the audience and tried to drop kick Arnie. He was immediately swarmed by security, detained and removed from the facility. All the while he was screaming,  “Help me, I need a Lamborghini!” Arnold is not pressing charges. See the full story HERE


Man Steals Giant Gumball Machine & Man Fights Ducks At Public Park

A man deemed the Gumball Bandit stole a giant gumball machine from Copper View Medical Center in South Jordan. He drove up, broke the glass window and put the machine in his car. It was too big and he couldn’t get the door shut, so he drove away with it hanging out the car. There was a few hundred dollars in it, but he caused $3000 in damage. It’s all he took. Police are urging anyone with info to call them. See the full story HERE

A man in Florida was at a public park. He was angry with the ducks so he started fighting them. Picking them up and throwing them. Other park goers confronted the man and called police. They also had video of the fight. The animals were not serioulsy hurt and he was arrested. See the full story HERE


Methy Man Carjacks Truck To Go To Gas Station & 68 Year Old Man Steals Neighbor’s Underwear

A man in Utah carjacked a Fedex driver. He pulled out a knife and insisted the driver drive to a gas station down the road. He got out and the driver left and called police. When police arrived he was pacing the parking lot. They found the knife and some meth. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

A 68 year old man in Oregon broke into his neighbor’s home. It was caught on camera. He was initially charged with first-degree criminal trespass. then she noticed her panties were gone. The man stole her underwear. He was then charged with first-degree burglary.See the full story HERE


Man Plows Through Crowd In Truck Then Attacked By Crowd & Man Plays Naked Basketball In Public

A Utah man rented a truck and drove with his girlfriend to Tijuana. He got into an argument with someone on the street and threatened them with a knife. When police arrived he led them on a chase to the border where they plowed through the waiting cars, pedestrians and vendors. When the truck stopped the vendors pulled the couple out of the truck and beat them and the truck with sticks. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

A man in Florida was found playing basketball in a public park. It was about 7:30pm. He was naked. A park employee called police. When they arrived he said he was working on his basketball skills. They asked why he was naked. He said he, “feels playing naked enhances his skill level.” He was arrested. See the full story HERE


Man Hasn’t Paid Taxes Since The 90s & Man Flips Vehicle Because Of Spider

A man in Salt Lake City hasn’t paid taxes since 1994. He was found guilty of seven counts of tax evasion in March. He wrote several weird letters claiming he doesn’t have to pay taxes. None of the reasons were valid. His sentencing was supposed to happen in April. He skipped it. Then sent another letter the next day claiming he doesn’t consent to the laws. He was arrested again and is due for sentencing later this month. See the full story HERE

A man in New York was driving when a spider appeared. It was on his leg and he freaked out. He tried to get it off his leg. He ended up driving off the road, hitting an embankment and flipping the car. No one was injured except for the car. He was not arrested. See the full story HERE


Drunk Man Strips And Hits Groom To Be & Woman Stiffs Waiter Who Returns Her $424K Check

A man in the UK got very drunk before heading to the pub where he proceeded to get drunker. There was a pub quiz going on and he asked to join a group of strangers. They let him. Then they accused him of stealing from them. They asked him to leave but he refused. So they asked him to open his pockets so they could see. He did them one better by taking all his clothes off. Then he threw a glass at one of them who happened to be getting married the next day. The groom had to have glass surgically removed from his eye. The man was arrested. See the full story HERE

A woman in NYC went to a pizza place. She was angry about the artwork not representing women. So she stiffed the waiter. But, she accidentally left a cashier’s check worth $424K on the table. Instead of stealing it the waiter found her and returned it. She was grateful and tried to tip him but he refused so she donated the tip. See the full story HERE


Naked Burglar Fights Police Dog & Man Claims Back Pack From Police Filled With Meth And Nunchucks

A man decided to rob a house in California. He got ready by removing all his clothes. He entered the home naked and the 2 women in the house hid in the back and called police. They sent cars, a helicoptor and K9. They sent the dog into the house and the naked man decided to fight the dog. He lost. He got bit while naked.His injury was treated and he was arrested. The women and dog are fine. See the full story HERE

A man in Wisconson went to the library. When he left he forgot his back pack on a chair and it was partially open. It was filled with meth and nunchucks. It was given to police. The man came back to get it and went to the police station to claim it. He told police he knew meth and nunchucks were in there. He said the meth was his girlfriend’s but the nunchucks were his for personal protection. He was arrested. See the full story HERE


Drunk Man Gets Stuck In Car Wash & Man High On Meth Floods Hotel

A man in Texas had too much to drink so he decided to sleep it off. He decided the best place for that would be inside a gas station car wash. The man was sleeping in the car wash when someone wanting to wash their car turned it on. The machinery for the car wash got caught on the man’s sleeping bag. The fire department had to rescue him. The man was not hurt, but police said he faces charges of public intoxication. See the full story HERE

A man in Australia was high on several drugs while at a hotel. He became paranoid and thought “they’re out of jail and they’re after me.” No one knows who “they,” are. But he felt he needed to flood the hotel. He released 432,000 litres of water by opening the fire hydrants. He was found in the stairwell holding a mop. It cost the hotel $3 million. He was arrested. See the full story HERE


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