Stupid is as Stupid Does


Man Passes Out In Wendy’s Drive Thru & Woman Shoots Meth Into Prison With T-shirt Cannon

A man in Florida started drinking when he got done with work at 10:30pm. By 2:20am he was hungry for some Wendy’s. He drove there, got into the drive thru line and passed out. He was behind the wheel with the car in drive. When police arrived they woke him up. He frantically tried to hide the beer in his car. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

A woman in Oklahoma wanted to get some meth and other stuff to someone in prison. She drove to the fence and used her t-shit cannon to shoot stuff over the tall fence. She quickly drove away, but police found her and arrested her. See the full story HERE


Drunk Man Drives RV On Sidewalk & Mom So Drunk At Bachelorette That Party Is Kicked Off Plane

A man in West Valley City was celebrating his birthday with lots of drinks. He got into his RV drunk and tried to drive. He drove into oncoming traffic, drove onto a sidewalk, hit a pole, got back into the correct lane, stopped the RV, got out and ran away. Police found him the next day! He was arrested. See the full story HERE

A bride to be was celebrating with her girls for her bachelorette party. They were headed to Cabo from Phoenix. The bride’s mom got so drunk that she was denied boarding the plane. Then they determined that the entire group of 15 women were too drunk to fly. They were stranded in the airport. When police arrived most of them were passed out in the airport. No one was arrested but it cost them about $16,000 to deal with other flights. See the full story HERE


Man Pulls Knife On Uber Driver & Man Falls On Beehives While Robbing Beekeeper

A man in Park City got an Uber home with friends. He asked to be taken to another stop after his friends got dropped off. The driver was willing until they started doing drugs in the car. He told the man he had to get out with his friends and find another way home. The man became irate. The driver locked all the doors. The man produced a knife and threatened to harm the driver. The driver called police and they found him passed out in a snow bank. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

A man tried to rob a beekeeper in England. The homeowner thinks the thief was looking for farm equipment to steal. He jumped a fence and landed right on the bee hives. The bees attacked! The homeowner didn’t call police. He figured the stings were punishment enough. See the full story HERE


Man Tries To Rob Rancheritos At Drive Thru & Man Chokes Friend For Singing Christmas Carols

A man in Salt Lake City “borrowed” his ex wife’s car, took his kid’s toy gun and tried to rob Rancheritos. He went through the Drive Thru with the toy wrapped in duct tape, because he thought it seemed more real. The drive thru worker just shut the window and called police. She got is license plate and police fouind and arrested him. See the full story HERE.

A man in Pennsylvania was driving and singing Christmas carols. His passenger was mad because it’s March. So he choked the singer, who was also the driver. The driver almost lost consciousness. The choker was arrested. See the full story HERE 


Man Attacks Coworker With Machete For Being Lazy & Woman Forgets Baby At Airport

A man in Florida works for a cleaning company that cleans an outlet mall. He was upset that the day crew never finished their cleaning and left it for the night crew. So, he chased a coworker though the mall with a machete and hit him with it several times. The coworker hid in a security office and called police. Police found him cleaning the blood off the machete and arrested him. The vicitim had to get stitches. See the full story HERE

A woman in Dubai was at the airport waiting for her flight with hew baby. After she boarded and the flight left she realized she had left her baby in the airport. The plane had to turn around and go back to get the baby. Officials weren’t sure what to do as it’s never happened before. The plane passengers applauded the pilot for going back and for his “humanity.” See the full story HERE


Woman Gets Into Jaguar Enclosure To Take Selfie & Woman Brings Loaded Gun To Dominos Over Wings

A woman went to the zoo in Arizona. She wanted to take a selfie with a jaguar. So, she climbed over the barrier to get a better angle. Of course, she was attacked by the jaguar. She was taken to the hospital and required medical attention. She returned to the zoo to apologize. See the full story HERE

A mother and daughter in Minnesota ordered food from Dominos. When it arrived the wings were missing. So, they went to the Dominos with a loaded gun demanding a refund. Police easily found them because they had just ordered a delivery. They were arrested. See the full story HERE

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Man Quits Car Jack Because He Can’t Drive Stick & Man Under Measles Quarantine Goes To Gym

A man in West Valley City, Utah tried to carjack a man in front of his home. He held the man at gunpoint and got into the car. Once he realized he did not have the skills to drive the vehicle he got out and ran away. Police are looking for him. See the full story HERE

A man in Wisconson was exposed to the measles and couldn’t prove immunity, so he was quarantined in his home. 11 days in he got antsy and his wife helped him sneak out of the house to go to Gold’s Gym and work out. He was spotted with his gym bag by police. Now he and his wife have both been charged. See the full story HERE


Woman Steals Cat And Gun & Man Blows Up Own Car

A woman in Illinois stole from her deceased boyfriend. After he passed she was told to stay away from his residence. She broke a window and entered anyway. She took the cat, a gun and a knife. She was spotted walking down the street in the morning with the cat and gun out ni the open. Police arrived and discovered she stole both items. She already had three active cases, and had been convicted of two previous felonies. She was arrested eight times in two months in October 2011.  She was arrested…again. See the full story HERE

A man in Florida was upset because his car was impounded and he went to get it out. The manager wasn’t there. He was called and came back to help out the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner got antsy and decided to take matters into his own hands and threw a molotov cocktail at his own car. Employees saw him flee the scene. He was found and arrested. See the full story HERE


Modest Dress Shoppers Become Violent & Man Gets Wedgie From Fence

A family was shopping for a dress together in Salt Lake City. They went to a modest bridal dress shop where you need an appointment, but they didn’t have one. The mother started trying on dresses anyway. When asked to stop she shoved an employee. As they were asked to leave one threatened to blow up the place and another left her purse. When they came back to get the purse they were informed the police had it. So they beat up the employee. They contacted the police for the purse and when they met up they were arrested. See the full story HERE

A man in Australia was vandalizing a home. He was spotted by police and decided to make a run for it. He tried to hop a fence like they do in the movies. But, he got caught…by his underwear. The fence gave him a wedgie and he was left dangling by his tighty whiteys. See the full story HERE


Man Steals Car And Runs It Into Pole & Man Goes Viral For Buying Girl Scout Cookies But Gets Arrested

A man in Texas was shopping at Walmart. When he was done he went to his car and found someone inside trying to start it. He questioned that person who pointed a gun at his head. The victim ran back inside Walmart and called police. As the victim was inside, the man got the car started and drove it directly into a pole. He exited the vehicle and got into another one that was waiting for him. He was arrested after someone saw him on Crimestoppers. See the full story HERE

A man went viral for buying more than $500 worth of Girl Scout Cookies. He said he wanted to buy them out so they could get out of the cold. Turns out, he is a drug dealer. He was arrested later that day with heroin, cocaine and fentanyl. He is also accused of trying to smuggle more than $1 million in cash out of the U.S. See the full story HERE


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