Naked Burglar Fights Police Dog & Man Claims Back Pack From Police Filled With Meth And Nunchucks

A man decided to rob a house in California. He got ready by removing all his clothes. He entered the home naked and the 2 women in the house hid in the back and called police. They sent cars, a helicoptor and K9. They sent the dog into the house and the naked man decided to fight the dog. He lost. He got bit while naked.His injury was treated and he was arrested. The women and dog are fine. See the full story HERE

A man in Wisconson went to the library. When he left he forgot his back pack on a chair and it was partially open. It was filled with meth and nunchucks. It was given to police. The man came back to get it and went to the police station to claim it. He told police he knew meth and nunchucks were in there. He said the meth was his girlfriend’s but the nunchucks were his for personal protection. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

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