Drunk Man Strips And Hits Groom To Be & Woman Stiffs Waiter Who Returns Her $424K Check

A man in the UK got very drunk before heading to the pub where he proceeded to get drunker. There was a pub quiz going on and he asked to join a group of strangers. They let him. Then they accused him of stealing from them. They asked him to leave but he refused. So they asked him to open his pockets so they could see. He did them one better by taking all his clothes off. Then he threw a glass at one of them who happened to be getting married the next day. The groom had to have glass surgically removed from his eye. The man was arrested. See the full story HERE

A woman in NYC went to a pizza place. She was angry about the artwork not representing women. So she stiffed the waiter. But, she accidentally left a cashier’s check worth $424K on the table. Instead of stealing it the waiter found her and returned it. She was grateful and tried to tip him but he refused so she donated the tip. See the full story HERE

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