Man Steals Giant Gumball Machine & Man Fights Ducks At Public Park

A man deemed the Gumball Bandit stole a giant gumball machine from Copper View Medical Center in South Jordan. He drove up, broke the glass window and put the machine in his car. It was too big and he couldn’t get the door shut, so he drove away with it hanging out the car. There was a few hundred dollars in it, but he caused $3000 in damage. It’s all he took. Police are urging anyone with info to call them. See the full story HERE

A man in Florida was at a public park. He was angry with the ducks so he started fighting them. Picking them up and throwing them. Other park goers confronted the man and called police. They also had video of the fight. The animals were not serioulsy hurt and he was arrested. See the full story HERE

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