Man Tries To Fly Drugs Into Prison With Drone & Man Gets Naked At Mcdonalds, Gets Intimate With Hand Railing

A man in Nebraska wanted to get some tobacco and pot to a prison inmate. So, he put it on a drone, flew it there and it crashed nearby. It was found in February. They were able to identify the drone owner through the images, data and fingerprints found on the drone. He was arrested last week. He had previously spent 20- to 25-years in that prison. See the full story HERE

A man in Florida went into a Mcdonalds, took off all his clothes and did a pants off dance off. He did that dance with a hand railing. Apparently, it’s not his first time! He had been banned from that McDonalds previously for getting naked. He’s had several other run ins with police. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

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