Intoxicated Man Drives Tractor With Home Made License Plate & Bitcoin Millionaire Steals 4 Loko and Destroys Restroom

A man in California was spotted by police driving a tractor trailer. Police noticed his home made old timey license plate. Instead of California is said Califas, which is slang for California. And the letters were wobbly. He was pulled over and had meth visible. He had no driver’s license and a warrant for his arrest. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

A man in Florida went to a store to buy some 4 Loko. He only had bitcoin to pay for it, which the store didn’t take. So he took the 4 Loko into the women’s bathroom to drink it. While there he yelled at the women in the restroom. When police arrive he told them he lives in Malta and has only 8.8 million dollars of Bitcoin on him. He actually lives in Palm Bay. He was arrested. See the full story HERE

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