Brothers Osborne Love the Look and Feel of This Time of Year

Brothers Osborne Love the Look and Feel of This Time of Year

The sights and sounds of Christmas are really amazing.

John Osborne of the Brothers Osborne would agree, “I love the overall feel and look at that time of year.”

A lot of people started decorating earlier than usual in 2020 just because of how putting up the Christmas decorations would make them feel. John shares that depending on where you live, the season change, along with the decorations, can also help in setting the Christmas mood, “It’s starting to get really cold then and everything’s coming to a halt. It stays dark so you have a lot of Christmas lights. I just love Christmas lights – they put you in such an amazing mood. Just the sounds, like all the Christmas music.”

While 2020 is a Christmas unlike one that we’ve seen before, John says that normally, all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping puts him in the spirit, “Even shopping, which is quite possibly one of the most hectic things to do during the holidays. Even if we have all our shopping done, we’ll still go to the mall just because it’s so alive and vibrant and the colors and the music and the lights. I just love it. It’s a bit sensory overload, but I kinda dig that.”

Since it’s gets dark out earlier, that means people can leave their lights on…”All Night”…

Photo Credit: Eric Ryan Anderson


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