Lexi and Banks


Lexi and Banks

Laugh Every Morning

Lexi and Banks have been working together since 2012. They have some things in common like getting up before the sun rises and enjoying tacos. They have more things NOT in common. Banks is a family man with a wife and 2 boys living that dad life in Draper. He plays rugby, announces rugby games and talks about rugby a lot. Lexi is single, living with her new boyfriend and 3 dogs in Cottonwood Heights. She’s into camping and macaroni and cheese…baked, of course. 

Every weekday you can TRY to beat Lexi at pop culture trivia with Lexi’s College of Hollywood Knowledge. If you beat her she’ll give you her own $100. They like to start and end the show with The Good Vibe Tribe where you tell them your good news. They also tell the tale of dumb criminals with Stupid Is Stupid Does. And you can make snap judgements about others based on one action with That’s All I Need To Know About You. Lexi and Banks share their love of tacos by hunting for the best taco on the Wasatch Front with a video series called Tacos and the City

Start your morning of with a smile and call Lexi and Banks! They’d love to talk to you. 

Give ’em a call! M-F, 5:30-10am, 801-570-9393

Lexi@kbull93.com     Banks@kbull93.com