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Matt Ramone


Matt Ramone grew up in Lehi, Utah. He got his start in radio pulling carts, cds and taking calls when he was 15 years old at KBULL 93. He got his first radio show at another Salt Lake country station in 2004. Four years later, Matt started at the BULL in 2008 producing the morning show and then moved to afternoons in 2011 and most recently in October of 2017 started mid-days.

The Matt Ramone Show is an interactive show with callers, contests, hot topics, celebrity gossip and the biggest country hits on your radio.

Get to Know Matt Ramone:

What are your interests?

American history, music and tech stuff!

What is one weird thing about you?

I’m a history nerd! No matter what city I visit; you’ll find me more interested in the history of that place. I think I should’ve been born in the 1800’s.

What is an unknown talent of yours?

I grew up in a rodeo family and I’m a roper. I team rope on a professional level. I once competed against George Strait and I’m proud to say that I’m a better roper than him! I’m also a rodeo announcer. Started announcing rodeos when I was 17… Plus I love to golf!

Who are your favorite Artists right now?

Will always be George Strait! I like Gary Allan, Dierks Bentley and Kenny Chesney too.

What are some of your favorite movies?

Dumb and Dumber, Stand by Me, Full metal jacket and Lord of the Rings!

If you weren’t a radio DJ…What would you be?

Pro rodeo announcer or commercial pilot.

Matt Ramone